September 27, 2017 by
I left Stanwood, Washington on 9-11-17 after finding out that my mother might need surgery for an aortic aneurysm. On 9-14-17 as I was traveling to visit my uncle in Kalispell, Montana, I received a text message that my dad had a terrible accident, landing on the garage cement floor. So, my stay in Montana was short and I proceeded back on coarse for Wisconsin. As I was traveling back to Wisconsin, I was staying in touch with family regarding my dad's injuries. Luckily, no broken bones but a bad cut in the cheek which required stitches. A large hematoma on his forehead and many bad bruises. I was told to slow down my pace as there were no serious injuries so I took a little more time driving back. I arrived in Iola, Wisconsin on 9-17-17, just in time for the Packer game and surprised my parents when I walked in. The week of 9-18-18, my mother went to see a surgeon to discuss options for her surgery. To her complete surprise and joy, he said that surgery was not necessary and the increase in the size of her aorta was minimal. Of coarse, the whole family is so happy and relieved at this news. I am now planning the next nomadic journey. I'm getting restless! Stay tuned.