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I just bought a drone so I'll be able to get some pictures of myself. (from 1.5 miles away)
Have Paris the wonder dog take more pictures of you!!
Journey on my brother!!! Safe travels..... Just make it back in time for OldStock!!!!
Getting Ready To Begin The Adventure

Getting Ready To Begin The Adventure

Post in: Camping / - by - Apr 17, 2017
We are getting ready to hit the road very soon as we are addressing a few last minute repairs in the RV. I've learned that when owning and RV, it's not a question of IF something will break but when. Nothing serious but we want to make sure that there are no issues once we get going.
Hopefully, we will be leaving Wisconsin this week. During our travels, we are hoping to meet some of our listeners. If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. Send us email to:

On a Nomadic Journey Across The U.S.
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