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I just bought a drone so I'll be able to get some pictures of myself. (from 1.5 miles away)
Have Paris the wonder dog take more pictures of you!!
Journey on my brother!!! Safe travels..... Just make it back in time for OldStock!!!!
9-11-17 • On The Road Again in Vantage, WA

9-11-17 • On The Road Again in Vantage, WA

Post in: Camping / - by - Sep 11, 2017
We left Stanwood, WA this morning and got off of Interstate 90 taking a very relaxing, scenic drive on Highway 2 which bypassed Seattle, WA.
Many small towns along the way and it was really nice to be moving again. Paris was given permission from the Northwest Veterinary Clinic to go as her toe was almost completely healed.
Many thanks to Major Freeman and Cookie Spirk for all the love and hospitality and allowing Paris and I to stay at their farm on Camano Island! Initially, we had planned on only staying for a couple days but it ended up to be 2 months. Got some cool IT projects done at Loco Billy's Wild Moon Saloon. Designed a new website and installed a Live stream using 6 high-definition cameras for band performances and special concert events.
Tonight Paris and I are camping at the Vantage Riverstone Resort Campground on the edge of the Ginkgo Petrified Forest and the Columbia River in Vantage, WA.

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