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I just bought a drone so I'll be able to get some pictures of myself. (from 1.5 miles away)
Have Paris the wonder dog take more pictures of you!!
Journey on my brother!!! Safe travels..... Just make it back in time for OldStock!!!!
I Spent a Week In Madison One Day

I Spent a Week In Madison One Day

Post in: Camping / - by - Apr 26, 2017
Paris and I have been staying at a Motel 6 in Madison since last week Thursday, waiting for repairs to be done on our RV. The people at Camping World here have gone above and beyond the call of duty regarding putting in a new floor and linoleum and repairing the slide. They even put in new maple trim around the interior of the slide out.
It looks great! Special thanks to Jerad for overseeing the project and the crew who performed the work!
We are back in the RV for today but will return to Camping World tonight as a new slide out awning is installed.
Then, we will finally be up, up, and away!

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